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About Seek iNF

Seek iNF allows users to search for financial and non-financial information based on user specified search strings from the various SEC filings. Seek iNF provides tremendous opportunities for gathering information related to accounting, finance, marketing, tax, law, etc. to conduct research and develop various risk assessment models including financial risk and fraud risk using financial and non-financial information. It is incredibly fast, gets the results in seconds.

Seek iNF has a built-in counter for the key words along with several Boolean logic such as "Exact Phrase", "All of the words", "At least one of the words", and "without the words". The search logic "All of the words" and "multiple exact phrases" give you the feature to drill down to a specific issue. The output download button allows users to dump the list of companies in Excel Spreadsheet with the names, CIK Codes, SIC Codes, File type, year, link to the original filing, and the count (if activated).

Search capabilities by various resolutions such as "paragraph", "Table", "Footnote", "Audit Report", "SOX404 Management Report", "SOX 404 Audit Report" and "MD&A", make search process very efficient. Seek iNF provides the total word count and the distribution of words in a document. In addition, Seek iNF has a feature that allows users to compare filings for two years by words, by lines and provide frequency distribution of words for these documents.

Unique Features of Seek iNF

  • Incredibly fast, output result in seconds
  • Search by specific resolution
    • Paragraph
    • Table
    • Footnote
    • Audit Report
    • SOX 404 Management Reports
    • SOX 404 Audit Reports
    • MD&A
  • Search by SIC & CIK codes
  • Search one type of filing or all types of filings
  • Search one company, or a set of companies or all the companies
  • Download output in MS Excel Spreadsheet
  • Searcg using Boolean logic "Exact phrase", "All the words", "Any of the words", and "Not this word".
  • Search using Proximity Search: two words within any number n>1 of words of each other
  • Search using Wild card
  • Search presence or absence of multiple exact phrases
  • Find number of occurrences of a word/phrase in a searched document
  • Find total number of words in a searched document
  • Find distribution of top 20 words with or without stop words
  • Download distribution of all the words in a searched document in MS Excel Spreadsheet
  • Compare any of the SEC Filings of one year with another year by words or by lines and also provides frequency distribution of words in these documents.

Subsidiaries (Ex-21 of 10-K)

The list of all the Subsidiaries, including the country of the subsidiary, for all the companies for years 1994-2014 is available now!!

  • Query the system using Company, CIK or SIC and get the list of all the subsidiaries with the country it is located in seconds.
  • Get the count of US subsidiaries and non-US subsidiaries separately.
  • Download your search results to Excel Spreadsheet.

In addition, get the entire data of subsidiary list, containing, the name of the subsidiary, country of the subsidiary, total count of subsidiaries, total count of US subsidiaries, for all the companies, for all the years 1994-2014 in Excel Spreadsheet.

CLICK HERE to see few examples on how to search for information using Seek iNF.

Seek iNF Products

We have four types of Seek iNF products that provides flexibility to select any of the product that is suitable for the user.

This is the basic product which allows the users to perform search from the following filings for the specified resolutions.

  • Annual Reports: 10-K, 10-K/A, 10-KT, 10-KT/A, 10-K405, 10-K405/A, 10KT405, 10KT405/A, 10KSB, 10KSB/A, 10KSB40, 10KSB40/A
    • Resolutions - Footnotes, Audit Reports, SOX 404 Reports, MD&A, Tables, Paragraph
  • Quarterly Reports: 10-Q, 10-Q/A, 10-QT, 10-QT/A, 10QSB, 10QSB/A
    • Resolutions - Footnotes, MD&A, Tables, Paragraph
  • Annual Reports-Foreign: 20-F, 20-F/A, 40-F, 40-F/A
    • Resolutions - Tables, Paragraph
  • Current Reports & Registrations: 8-K, 8-K/A, S-1, S-1/A
    • Resolutions - Tables, Paragraph

This product provides all the features of Silver and also allows the users to search from the following additional filings for the resolutions like Tables and Paragraphs.

  • Ownership Money Managers: 13F-HR, 13F-HR/A, 13F-NT, 13F-NT/A
  • IPO Filings: 424B1, 424B2, 424B3, 424B4, 424B5, 424B7, 424B8

This product allows to access all the features of Gold and also allows access to the following additional filings for the resolutions like Tables and Paragraphs.

  • Proxies: DEF 14A DEFA 14A
  • AAERs and Other Filings: AAERs, Correspondence, Upload(Response Letters)

This product gives access to the entire features of Seek iNF product. In short, it allows users to access all the features of Platinum and some additional filings such as,

  • Ownership: Form 3, Form 3/A, Form 4, Form 4/A, Form 5, Form 5/A
    • Resolutions - Tables, Paragraph

In addition to the listed four products, Seek iNF also provides a feature to compare two documents of any file-type from years 1994-2014 either by word to word comparison or by line to line comparison. This feature is provided with any of the four products .

Our Seek iNF is not limited to only the four products. The users have a choice to choose any of the filings they want. For example, if you want to subscribe for silver product and also wants to access Ownership filings , there is no need to go for Titanium product, you can just have what you want. Our Seek iNF has the flexibility to provide what you want just for you.

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